Quality SEO Content Writing: The First Step Of Success In Web

2 Feb

Use SEO Content Writing on Facebook to Improve Your Search Results

Recently, Facebook revealed they will be launching a new search function that will allow users to be able to search solely within their friends’ pages to find out what they have liked, where they have been and the pictures they have posted. While this function isn’t live yet, when it is launched, it will greatly benefit businesses that use Facebook as a way to connect with their customers and potential customers. When you implement your SEO content writing, such as quality article writing and web content writing, you will obtain the greatest impact from this new feature.

Tune Up Your Website

When this improved search feature launches, the friends of the people who currently like your business Facebook page will be able to view your Facebook page more easily. As long as you have your Facebook page set up correctly, it will lead those people to click on your website to find out more about what you have to offer and why their friend likes your company. Therefore, you need to take a good look at your current website and evaluate your need for improved SEO content writing. If your website is difficult to read or navigate, it is time to make the changes before the feature launches, potentially increasing your traffic.

How It Works

The first step in making sure your web content writing is up to speed is to understand exactly how this new search feature will work. Similar to the current search feature, users will be able to search for just about anything they need, such as hotels, restaurants or any other type of business in a specific location. The results they receive will be driven by the content on the Facebook pages of their friends, as well as the pages they have already liked. If you utilize sponsored ads on an app or page, those will remain intact as they are now, both for users who use the new search feature and for those who stick with the traditional search.

Tips for Success

If you are looking to improve your search results with quality SEO content writing, there are some tips to follow to make the most of your Facebook page in your content marketing plan.

  • How many likes you have on your business page will have an even greater impact on your results. The new search is based on pulling information from what user’s friends have already liked. Therefore, when you have more likes on your page, you increase your chances of appearing on the Facebook results, especially when you employ SEO techniques with your Facebook and website content.
  • Make sure you completely fill out all fields on your business page properly. Some businesses attempt to create new categories or fill fields with information that either isn’t relevant to the field or is in the wrong format. For example, they may put text into a phone number field instead of numbers. When you try to improve your SEO with this method, you are actually hurting your chances of appearing in the search results.
  • Employ your SEO content writing in the open-ended question fields. The more keywords you use in these fields, the more often you will appear in the results.
  • Always tag your photos with your business and location, as well as any relevant keywords to help boost your Facebook SEO even further.
  • Use the tag feature in photos similar to how you would use them when you tag people who are in the photos on personal Facebook pages. If you have your business name in the tags, the photos should show up when people search for your business name in particular, boosting your SEO.

While it is important to make sure you ramp up your web content writing and quality article writing as a way to boost your SEO rankings in the major search engines, it is also important to boost your SEO on Facebook as well. With the new search features coming to Facebook, it is critical to attract more likes, as well as utilize SEO content writing within Facebook to increase the number of times your business shows up in relevant search results, driving more traffic to both your Facebook page and your website.


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